United Assistance - Overview

Investment in IT hardware and software enables us to integrate systems with our industry partners for claims referrals, claims management and first notification of loss.

As part of our commitment to providing excellent customer service, we operate a no tolerance stance regarding the delivery time of replacement vehicles.

Within 1 hour of the instruction being received, every client will be contacted and an acknowledgement sent to the referrer by via e-mail. We expect to provide mobility within 3 hours of instruction being received, subject to positive risk assessment in the client’s favour.

Obviously, in certain circumstances delivery of a replacement vehicle may take longer simply due to factors outside our control. e.g. private taxis as a plate transfer is needed, or specialist type vehicles which may take longer to source.

Repairs Services

  1. Cash in Lieu

  2. A physical inspection of the damaged vehicle is carried out by one of our panel independent engineers within 48 hours of the instruction. The report is generated within 56 hours and a copy is e-mailed to the client or their representative.

    In total loss cases, the pre accident value is negotiated between the engineer and the client.  The figure agreed between them is then pursued by a member of the claims team directly from the third party insurer.

    For non-driveable vehicles, clients are usually kept in hire until the Cash in Lieu settlement cheque is received at which point the hire ceases.  Hire resumes once the vehicle goes in for repairs, usually within a 3 month period in line with the GTA protocol.

  3. Credit Repair

  4. We can offer vehicle repair solutions following non fault accidents.  Vehicle damage is assessed and repairs authorised by one of our approved independent engineers.  Repairs are then carried out by one of our own nationwide network of repairers.

  5. Managed Repair

  6. Claims are presented directly to the Third Party Insurer (TPI) at which point they are requested to carry out an inspection, which in some cases maybe without prejudice. We oversee the whole process and make sure that the TPI authorises repairs either at the clients preferred repairer or by a repairer from the TPI's approved repairer panel.  Clients are continually kept appraised until the repair iscompleted and claim settled to their total satisfaction.

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Free Impartial Advice

Free Impartial Advice

If you have been involved in a car accident that was not your fault, take advantage of our free, no obligation legal advice. We will give you a free claim assessment and answer any questions you may have about making a car accident claim.

Replacement Vehicle

Arrange An Immediate Replace Vehicle

If the car accident has resulted in your car being written-off or undriveable we can help you by arranging a replacement vehicle for you in no time at all. Contact us today for more information.

Had An Accident

Had An Accident?

In the event of a road traffic accident call our accident helpline on 0843 077 5001 or alternatively fill in our contact form